written and composed by Melisa Camba

"BOSES is a powerful wake-up call to British audiences to realise the complicity their government and laws have in enabling modern day slavery. The power of the piece comes not only from raising awareness of the facts and true stories, but through the music Camba has created to soundtrack the piece. This is a moving and powerful work of political theatre that certainly deserves wide audiences."

STEPHANIE RESSORT, theatre reviewer


In 2017, Reuters reported that more than 17,000 domestic workers are brought to Britain every year, 69% of whom are Filipino. 94% are women.A moving and melodic response to true stories of migrant domestic workers from the Philippines, Boses weaves together documentary material and original music to explore modern slavery in the UK's domestic work industry: an ongoing issue on the periphery of society.Boses is a bilingual performance, using a combination of English and Filipino language to bridge the gap in cultural differences for an audience and strengthen the bond between the women in these stories and the solo performer telling them.

Photo: Lexi Clare